A Bit About Us

We are a team of creative and extremely professional photographers and cinematographers who can capture and transform moments into memories through their imagination, experience and eye-catching pictures or videos.

They do not miss any of the significant moment of the event and try to portray emotions through candid pictures and calm under pressure. We just deliver perfect picture that would make a moment, event or ceremony extraordinary and superb with latest equipment.

We have made our comprehensive photography and cinematography services available in a few metros that usually include UAE, UK and across Pakistan since many years.

Our Promise

Our product is our promise and our commitment to clients. It’s achieved through teamwork, a firm knowledge of the industry and a resolute desire to turn vision into reality.

Fanoon Art is never late on events as we believe that coverage of events need a professional to be on spot, we arrive precisely when we mean to.

We have professionals with extensive experience who are available across the country to cover your event.

We offer best customized pricing packages. Please share your requirements to get best price.

We have true passionate professionals in our crew as we don’t compromise on quality.

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